museum 3: v&a


Chihuly’s art work in the main lobby.


3d printed table


fashion history exhibition from 1700s – 2014IMG_0809.JPG

what i really like about this museum is their huge collection of furniture and fashion. it almost feels like you are at a very expensive and fancy designer furniture store. i even overheard a local fashion student saying that she comes here regularly just to see what’s new to the collection. V&A has an excellent database of their stuff too. Check it out right here:


this museum is also great for having tea time or lunch.IMG_0821.JPG

isnt it really gorgeous?


oh and this is what i ate for lunch. This museum has nice food and the ambiance is great. I would even come here just to eat and have tea.

Right next to the Victoria & Albert museum there is the National History Museum which i have yet to go. If you are feeling extra ambitious and are planning on getting two big museums done in one day, this couple is a good one to tackle.


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