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i’m getting used to it!

The other day I was having a conversationg with Hugo Ochoa, and i realized the “omg i’m in london!” phase has ended and now I’ve entered “this is where I live” phase. Everything seems like a completely normal, everyday matter. Maybe I like to pretend like I’m a true Londoner…but there are certain things that I wish I’d never get used to: like the humorous way people approach life here. For example, the way how this building is at the AA (8 Georgean houses attached to each other and renovated to create lateral connection through the buildings), I continue to find wierd moments (and getting lost) in the building and I think it’s so much fun.

one of my favorite moments in the AA

one of my favorite moments in the AA

I really want to see more examples of this British humor implemented in architecture. With about only two weeks left till mid review, it might be a wishful thinking that I want to see these examples outside of studio, outside of school building…or…is it?

fun tuesday 3: the national gallery

So, kyle had this great idea that every tuesday we should get out of studio and do something fun in the city. The first FUN TUESDAY was Kensington Palace, followed by Hampstead Heath park last Tuesday.

Today it was the national gallery.


trafalgar square




The Arnolfini Portrait//Jan van Eyck


crazy drapery detail

IMG_1554.JPGkyle and da vinci