living-on-the-edge. no more.

Crazy express weekend getaway at Cinque Terre, Italy just got real.

To have make it thus far has been quite an adventure. Long story short, I got stranded at Pisa Centrale train station at 1:00 in the morning because the Italian train drivers are on a strike. The whole weekend!

Words cannot express how I felt when I realized I didn’t bring the right converter and my phone was dead, and basically I had to spend the night at the sketchy train station. Major panic attack. I’m getting too old for this. I cannot do this any more. I’m only doing high-class traveling from now on. Chauffeurs, first-class flights, private jet, etc.

Thanks to my dearest friends Hannah and Paul who found a guy who works at the pizza restaurant also owned by the hostel (very delicious btw, its called Bella Napoli in La Spezia) to drive 1.5 hours to come and save me. Hallelujah! Oh what a trip…

But today has been good. We actually went out to Cinque Terre and enjoyed the city. And it didn’t even rain like it said it would.

Pictures to come.




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