london walk with benny o looney

Benny’s chalk tour is famous amongst PennDesigners here at the AA. It is much talked about in previous PennDesign AA blogs —>

Benny is an architect and historian who has a tremendous knowledge about the city of London. And surely as I’ve heard, the tour was extraordinary. He started us off by sketching London urban history, then we moved towards the east side covering buildings from old to new.


Talking about London’s development from the Ancient Roman times to Georgian era. All in just one chalk sketch!


And some impromptu sketches here and there. In this one he is showing the detail of Renzo Piano’s Central St. Giles building where we almost got kicked out by a very rude security guard. We are just curious architecture students who want to touch the wall material. And smell it, too!


Benny tirelessly fed us interesting information as the tour continued into the night.

“I got more and more excited everytime he called us comrades.” – Kyle Ingber


Benny seriously never stopped sketching! This one is showing the structure of St. Paul church.IMG_0967

There couldn’t have been a better way to end the tour. Benny took us to the rooftop bar of Jean Nouvel’s One New Change building in Cheapside. And this glass elevator gives you a beautiful view of St. Paul’s church from the ground level to the top. When the elevator stops at the roof, everyone went “woah!”

Thank you for the wonderful tour Benny! We are meeting with him again this Saturday for Part II where we will go to our site area. Stay tuned for more!


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