I was walking around La Marais the other day, and I saw this guy setting up his art on the street. La Marais is a historic district around the 3rd~4th Arrondissment. I like this area a lot because there are so many cool shops and they are actually open… even on Sundays! 

Also, my french co-intern Thomas once told me about Place des Vosges which is a park near by Marais where all the french hipsters go to hang out on Sundays… just picnicking and stuff. I love hipster stuff, so I of course like Marais. And this guy pictured above is so cool! His pictures are like real-life instagram and I think he pulls off the red pants very nicely no?

There are so many people expressing their talent everywhere in this city. Tonight on my way home I got to listen to my favorite subway electric guitar player. (You can find him on weekday nights when you change from Line 5 to Line 11 in direction of Mairie des Lilas).

Also once I figure out how to upload a video on this blog, I’ll have to upload a video of a really cool subway rapper couple I ran into the other day…Paris subway is so artistic! …and dirty! but it’s cool…as long as it’s hip…

It’s sad, I only have little time left in the city and now I realized these are the things that I really appreciate about it. Being able to pick up on so much art on the street. 

Thanks Paris. You inspired me a lot. I will try to be inspired as much as I can till I leave. Merci beaucoup!


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