wine tasting

So it turns out brother is right. I am real fancy. Thanks to math wizard/wine connoisseur intern Bogdan, he introduced me to wine tasting at O Château. It’s a 1.5 hr long class where you learn about different types of wine and how to smell/taste/pair them. Did you know Champagne is a kind of wine? I always thought it was its own thing…  and also did you know that all champagnes in the world come from the region Champagne in France?!




cheat sheet


Now I know what to do at restaurants when the server pours you a little bit of wine to taste. I always just say “mmm good!” because i don’t know what else to say, but now I can actually taste the wine and say “no. take this crap back.” I can tell the difference! (not really).

The food was great. Baguette was so crispy but moist inside it was perfect. The meat was good. The cheese was good. but the baguette was the best. 

Today was a bank holiday (Assumption Day) and this wine tasting was a real nice break from work. Yay one step closer to becoming real fancy! 



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