metric system…

When I was in Korea I learned to measure things in metric system. After I moved to the US and especially when I started architecture school, I got used to thinking in feets and inches. And now that i’m in Europe and I have to make the switch again ( from metric –> imperial –> metric ). So much confusion in the brain…

Making models in metric system is challenging too. With all the scales and between converting from feets to meters, my brain gets tired. I’m getting used to it now but it takes me a while….Only if this world was unified to one system I will be ever so efficient…Well, unlike me who is struggling, here is Bogdan, he is a math wizard, at least to me it seems like it…Maybe it’s because he’s from Romania and he worked in the US too so he is flexible between the two systems. Go Bogdan!

intern bogdan

intern bogdan


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