last day of work

It has finally come to an end… I can’t believe it’s really over! It was a fun and meaningful experience, thank you everyone who made this internship experience a very special one. 

Merci Beaucoup!




I was walking around La Marais the other day, and I saw this guy setting up his art on the street. La Marais is a historic district around the 3rd~4th Arrondissment. I like this area a lot because there are so many cool shops and they are actually open… even on Sundays! 

Also, my french co-intern Thomas once told me about Place des Vosges which is a park near by Marais where all the french hipsters go to hang out on Sundays… just picnicking and stuff. I love hipster stuff, so I of course like Marais. And this guy pictured above is so cool! His pictures are like real-life instagram and I think he pulls off the red pants very nicely no?

There are so many people expressing their talent everywhere in this city. Tonight on my way home I got to listen to my favorite subway electric guitar player. (You can find him on weekday nights when you change from Line 5 to Line 11 in direction of Mairie des Lilas).

Also once I figure out how to upload a video on this blog, I’ll have to upload a video of a really cool subway rapper couple I ran into the other day…Paris subway is so artistic! …and dirty! but it’s cool…as long as it’s hip…

It’s sad, I only have little time left in the city and now I realized these are the things that I really appreciate about it. Being able to pick up on so much art on the street. 

Thanks Paris. You inspired me a lot. I will try to be inspired as much as I can till I leave. Merci beaucoup!

wine tasting

So it turns out brother is right. I am real fancy. Thanks to math wizard/wine connoisseur intern Bogdan, he introduced me to wine tasting at O Château. It’s a 1.5 hr long class where you learn about different types of wine and how to smell/taste/pair them. Did you know Champagne is a kind of wine? I always thought it was its own thing…  and also did you know that all champagnes in the world come from the region Champagne in France?!




cheat sheet


Now I know what to do at restaurants when the server pours you a little bit of wine to taste. I always just say “mmm good!” because i don’t know what else to say, but now I can actually taste the wine and say “no. take this crap back.” I can tell the difference! (not really).

The food was great. Baguette was so crispy but moist inside it was perfect. The meat was good. The cheese was good. but the baguette was the best. 

Today was a bank holiday (Assumption Day) and this wine tasting was a real nice break from work. Yay one step closer to becoming real fancy! 

metric system…

When I was in Korea I learned to measure things in metric system. After I moved to the US and especially when I started architecture school, I got used to thinking in feets and inches. And now that i’m in Europe and I have to make the switch again ( from metric –> imperial –> metric ). So much confusion in the brain…

Making models in metric system is challenging too. With all the scales and between converting from feets to meters, my brain gets tired. I’m getting used to it now but it takes me a while….Only if this world was unified to one system I will be ever so efficient…Well, unlike me who is struggling, here is Bogdan, he is a math wizard, at least to me it seems like it…Maybe it’s because he’s from Romania and he worked in the US too so he is flexible between the two systems. Go Bogdan!

intern bogdan

intern bogdan