“you think you are fancy girl?” – brother

brother thinks so because i am working/living in paris. yes. I am real fancy. this is the kind of snacks i eat.IMG_1163m


self architecture tour

today me and harry decided to be super efficient and go visit as many architecture buildings as possible. And because i dont have a phone with internet, i gotta do all the google map searching beforehand and screenshot them all. Our tour was in the order of:

1) Arab world Institute by Jean Nouvel

2) Les Docks by Jakob + MacFarlane

3) Pathe Foundation by Renzo Piano (opens in September so we only saw it from outside but it was still cool)

4) Cartier Foundation by Jean Nouvel

5) Meditation Space by Tadao Ando



simon kim ^



Arab World Institude ^


whose clothes?


nice sitting/hangout area by the seine


cute exit signs at Les Docks ^

IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1183 IMG_1187 IMG_1198

Pathe Foundation. This is the only shot taken before we got kicked out by the security guard.


Cartier Foundation ^  Inside or outside??!IMG_1203 IMG_1208 IMG_1213

i would say this self architecture tour was a success, look at how many buildings we covered! each building we spent about 10 minutes on average. Efficiency @ 120%. Next time will be a deep tour where we spend the whole day just on one building.

july 4th

happy july 4th! i celebrated it by first, eating a huge burger. 



i miss America! 

For the weekend, we visited Louvre at Lens. Did you know there were 3 Louvre museums in France?! I have yet to visit the third one but this one was pretty cool. The building is designed by SANAA, landscape done by a French firm I donno…

Our train back to Paris from Lens wasn’t until the evening so we got to relax and chill without rushing. Here are the photos.


 my favorite art of the day.

IMG_2408 IMG_2394

and the second favorites…

IMG_2380 IMG_2356 \  IMG_2315

cafeteria where we spent the most of the time eating and talking instead of looking at arts

   IMG_2536 IMG_2478 IMG_2527 IMG_2531

sexy staircase

IMG_2493  IMG_2446     IMG_2275 IMG_2227 


cool back pack man


 the rainy weather was perfect for this building mainly made of glass and frosted metal. IMG_1083


It’s like the building perfectly blends into the gray sky. 



And the below are pictures from Arras. It is a small town we stopped by on our way back to Paris.




I ❤ piazzas.


How was your July 4th? Now that I’m away from America, all I want to do is super American things. Like right now, it would be perfect to have a bbq party at someone’s backyard….

Happy July 4th everyone, hope you had a lot of good food and much fun. =)

first day of summer sale

oh hell is gonna break loose in the shoe department of gallery lafayette. its the first day of summer sale in paris and at the office, everybody left at 6pm today. (normally 7:30pm is the time).

IMG_1041 IMG_1045IMG_1043