petite dejeuner – tiny breakfast



not so “petite dej”

I donno aboutchu but huge breakfasts are my faaaaavorite.




the first week of work was a little bit different than what I expected. I don’t know why i thought it would be like a 9am-5pm schedule but it’s definitely more like a 9am-9pm kind of a thing where people are just here all the time. Even on the weekends. I guess it’s normal in architecture but i thought because it’s in europe, it would be a little less workaholic than america…

but in the end, i really like work. the people i work with are very nice, and i like how we have similar interests and thoughts about architecture.

it is very exciting to work in paris. i still can’t believe i’m here. Oh but at the same time I feel like Ive always lived here because so many people are in Paris: harry is here, hugo is here, jess is here, cass is here….It’s really great!

tomorrow is the first day of my second week here and i already have a lot on my plate. 

wish me luck.

au revoir!


late dinners

late dinners

One complaint I have about Paris is that people eat dinner really late here. I don’t get off work until 9pm-10pm and by the time i get home and make dinner, it’s 11pm. By the time I finish eating and relax a little bit, it’s midnight… 

I just hope I don’t end up getting really fat… also, eating late makes it real hard for you to get up on time. I am already bad at waking up in the morning, and with so much food still not digested in my stomach, it’s just impossible.

On the flip side though, I like to walk to work which has been great. Walking in Paris is quite nice. It’s about a 45 minute walk and I can walk through the Buttes Chaumont parc and the canal.



buttes chaumont park

This is the kind of things I see on my way to work if I walk.. 

It’s 1am already…How!!?