family reunion and Pompidou by accident

I finally met up with Maggie today. Maggie and I are distant relatives and we have never met before until today.

Our dads are cousins and they suggested that we meet up because we are both in Paris this summer. So, being the obedient nice Korean girls, we met up today and we had a great time. We were at The Broken Arm for new york style coffee and pastries.


It’s a pretty cool store, a cafe/clothing shop. You can order nice coffee and pastries and while waiting, you can shop clothes on the other side. Interesting mix of program no? I want to one day open up a shop that’s a cafe/runway. You can drink my coffee while looking at fashion models. mmmmmmmh!

We also went to Robert Mapplethorpe’s photo exhibit at Grand Palais.





And for dinner, we had French food. This is the first French meal I’m having ever since I arrived few days ago.

I got something with potatoes, cheese (cantal?) and ham:


We talked and laughed the entire time we were was super fun and i felt more comfortable living in the city knowing that i have my family here.


After dinner, something really great happened. We were walking back home, and from the corner of my eyes, I saw this:Image

It’s so wierd to see the actual building that you’ve only seen through many images. I mean it’s super great. So here is the front.


I will have to come back for seeing the interior and exhibition but I loved this public space in front. So many people are just hanging out there.

I’ll come back for you Pompidou. See you soon.



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