exploring without maps

I dont mind being lost in a new city. I get to see more things and especially right now I have nothing else to do. So I just walked around all day, 80% of the time being lost. After I got home I realized I basically walked around in a big circle..like 4 times.

As i was looking at the photos I took today, I realized most of them are of children. How creepy I know! but i cant resist. Parisian kids are the cutest!


For example, look at this one:


I mean how cute is his rain jacket!! and the glasses?? It must be fun to be his grandma…

And also i found a really nice park while walking around my house and WTH…seriously….this park is soo freaking amazing:


oops i meant to insert a photo from a park but this is just one of many photos i took following around cute children. haha oh man I’m soo creeeppyy!


okay foreals this is the picture i meant to upload:



and this:



I’m just excited that i’ll be jogging here (i cant tell you when this will happen but it will happen at one point) and i get to see this beautiful place so often!

And thats it for today, i have more photos to upload but i want to save it for tomorrow. it’s 5:28am and im so jetlagged still. gonna try to sleep.


Au revoir!


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